Trade journals have stood as a source for industry news, how to’s, product reviews, and similar valuable information for many years. The following lists will present first the trade journals currently in publication, followed by those that are no longer available.

Currently Published:

The following journals are still in publication. Most offer back issues in pdf format for recent years. For earlier years of publication, the physical copies will typically have to be sought through other locksmiths. For some ideas on where to source out of print back issues, view this previous posting

Safe & Vault Technology
Published by the Safe and Vault Technicians Association.
(subscription benefit of required membership)

Published by the Associated Locksmiths of America
The Locksmith Ledger

Security Sentinel
Published by the Society of Professional Locksmiths
Free monthly magazine in digital format

The Independent Locksmith Journal

The Locksmith
All issues available on site

The National Locksmith
(1988-2008 available on disk, digital and/or physical subscription available)

Out of Print:

Professional Locksmithing

Reed Security Report

Information on this list will continue to grow as proper years of publication and missed titles are added. Details will be eventually added in pdf format for issues by year and the like, for the collector to use as checklists.

If you see any trade journals missing, comment below or shoot me an email at burrlocksmithATgmail.com.

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